The Antikhytera Celestial Machine:

fragments of genius from a legendary science.




Having long been fascinated by this mechanism, I started to learn more in order to build a mechanical model of it. Eventually, I got a more personal and less orthodox opinion about it.

Pictures are self-explaining; with each multimedia file comes a complete comment covering all of them.

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(Last update: january 2012)

Antikythera mechanics

Miscellaneous images with some comments of the story (new page).

Antikythera VRML

VRML schematic models of the Machine according to Price, Bromley, the Antikhytera Mechanism Research Project Group, and the last one modified by myself (wrl, 1.9 Mb).

Antikythera VRML

VRML schematic model of the Machine, my version only (wrl, 660 Kb).

Antikythera video

Explanatory video of virtual model (full resolution, 4th vers., .avi-Divx, 64 Mb).

Antikythera model video

The real model running (videoclip .divx, 7Mb).

Antikythera front panel: zodiac, months Sun & Moon

The front panel.

Antikythera rear panel: Methon - Callippos & saros - exeligmos

The rear panel.

Antikythera Planetarium

The Machine at the Planetario di Milano (may 10, 2007).

Antikythera Greece

The Machine at the Ionic Center in Athens, near the replicas by Wright and Kriaris (october 22, 2008).

Antikythera Milano

The Machine at the Science Museum Leonardo da Vinci in Milano (january 2012).

Antikythera Berlino

The Machine at Pergamon Museum in Berlin (june 2012; copyright Topoi / Bernd Wannenmacher).



Further developements : a new virtual model of the Machine fitted with planets, according to the research and the mechanical reconstruction by Michael Wright


Antikythera Vicentini - Wright

Antikythera 2008-2009 (avi-Divx, 180 Mb)


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