Massimo Mogi Vicentini
Physical sciences visualization, expecially astronomy.

Essential note .
I am essentially as a self-trained astronomer: while studiyng geology, I built a telescope, its dome and periphereal instruments, making some celestial photography and a little research work. I also learned computer programming for ephemeris work on a tiny ZX81 (at that time, nothing like modern PCs and software existed).
At school, I found little or no help for all this: science lessons were boring and unsatisfactory. This circumstance has proven to be of critical significance, since I myself became a teacher: I have been working at the Planetarium of Milano, since 1981, mainly as lecturer for classrooms.
So I began to develop some multimedia aid for dome projection... still remembering that poor experience as a student. My goal (and that of my colleagues as well) is concept visualizations even at a fairly high level of complexity, avoiding extremes commonly found in scientific communications: cryptic formulas, or at the opposite, meaningless videogames.
According to my opinion, this work is only at its beginning; most of this material must be considered as preliminary production, and hopefully will be superseded in some further developement.
I have been working with public and private organizations, like schools, editors and reseach institutes - but not so widely known outside Italy to be cited; I'll just mention a pair of CNR labs (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), the new Planetarium of Rome, and most important and enduring task, the Planetarium of Milan. One of the works presented here has gained "Honorable Mention" from National Science Foundation (Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge 2005, non-interactive media) , and the award for its category at the "Window on Science" 2007 International Festival (Window on Science).
The web espionage system set up by friend and colleague of mine Paolo Amoroso: the "Mogiscope".




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